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Bike & cycling accident claims

Much has been done to improve cycle safety, however cyclists still remain alarmingly vulnerable especially in our traffic-choked cities. With more people taking to their bikes, cyclists of all ages and abilities run the risk of becoming involved in a serious cycling accident that could have a devastating impact on their lives.


Having successfully represented injured cyclists of all ages our specialist lawyers are well placed to deal with your claim. If your accident was caused by the carelessness of others or poorly maintained roads, contact our team. We will aim to get you back in the saddle and help rebuild the lives of those who can't.

We understand the issues that face cyclists, the laws affecting them and the types of injuries or losses they may suffer as a result of an accident. We work with our clients, many of whom have suffered due to the carelessness of others or poorly maintained roads, to get the damages they deserve and any medical support they require.

Helping clients with cycling accident claims

We have an experienced team dedicated to dealing with cycling accident claims. We have particular expertise in claims involving rights and liability disputes and obtaining compensation for physical injuries, damaged bikes and future loss of income.

Whilst our aim is to get you back in the saddle, we understand that this isn’t always possible and, in those instances, we provide practical advice and support to ensure that you receive ongoing care and rehabilitation.

Our specialist cycling accident team

Having successfully represented injured cyclists of all ages, our specialist lawyers are well placed to deal with your claim.

We have a proven expertise in cases involving the Motor Insurers Bureau, established to ensure that those involved in accidents with uninsured drivers don’t suffer financially. This includes cyclists.

When it comes to funding your cycle accident claim, we can talk you through the various options available. In the vast majority of cases we can act on your behalf on a No-Win-No-Fee basis. Since we are part of a large UK law firm, we can also call on expert advice and assistance with other legal needs that may flow from your cycling accident claim to provide a one stop service.

Additionally, you can view our 'cycle safety tips' infographic, read on our guide as to 'what to do after a cycle accident' or an inquest relating to a fatal cycling accident.

Some of our clients' stories

£837,000 compensation for cycle accident

£165,000 pay out for injured cyclist

£150,000 award for injured cyclist who suffered post-traumatic amnesia

Time pays off on a cycling injury claim

Cyclist Fractured Shoulder Blade and Collarbone in Road Traffic Accident

The right formula for a successful cycle accident claim


‘The accident had a devastating impact. Our lives and future plans were turned upside down. Shoosmiths and Chris in particular were a tremendous support throughout and I’m extremely happy with the settlement they achieved.’ ~ Barrie Martin

'I suppose a lot of solicitors would have told me to take the £6,000 on offer and wrap thing up quickly and I must admit, I was tempted to do just that. Shoosmiths told me that my health was far more important and we should wait until a full prognosis was available. They pointed out that if I developed other problems that hadn't been immediately obvious, I couldn't re-open my claim and go back to ask for more.' ~ Hannah Moodie

‘Things are going well. I decided to leave my job and take a chance on myself. I started work at a new place and there is plenty of scope for responsibility and to grow with the company. Everything feels like we have gone full circle and I am back in control.’ ~ Injured cyclist

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how do I make a claim about a cycling accident

If you have been involved in a bike accident within the past three years you can make a claim for injury and financial losses. If you only want to make a claim for damage to your bicycle, this can be done if the accident occurred within the past six years.

Cycle accident claims can be very complex, especially if the issue of contributory negligence is raised or the defence of automatism is used. It is always best to seek help from a law firm with specialist bicycle accident solicitors who are also members the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL).

Your claim will usually cover your injuries and any limitations those injuries have forced on you, such as an inability to carry out usual household chores. These elements are referred to as ‘general damages’.

The other ’special damages’ component of a claim would cover financial losses such as repairing or replacing your bicycle and damaged clothing, increased travel costs due to being unable to cycle, loss of earnings and any private treatment costs.

If liability is admitted, it should simply be a case of providing evidence of your injury and financial losses and agreeing the value of your cycle accident claim with the other side’s insurer. If liability is not admitted, or is disputed, investigations will need to be made to gather evidence to prove liability which will obviously affect the length of time it takes to conclude your cycle claim.

if I have a cycling accident case

If you were injured in a cycling accident you have every right to pursue a cycle accident claim, as long as the incident happened within the past three years. You may require life-long medical treatment and (if liability is admitted) the other party’s insurer will pay for that and restoring or repairing any damaged equipment.

In any civil personal injury case, it is up to you and your legal team to prove that a third party was indeed to blame for the accident that caused your injuries and damage to your bicycle.

Equally, as legitimate road users, cyclists must also follow all road traffic and highway laws. Not doing so carries the risk of prosecution. That said, a cycle accident claim is not decided on whether or not a law has been broken, but who is legally to blame for the accident on the ‘balance of probabilities’.

Many cyclists are concerned that they may not have a case for making a cycle accident claim and will be found to be ‘contributory negligent’ by not wearing a helmet, that is they have to accept some responsibility for their injuries. There is no law to compel cyclists of any age to wear helmets, even though doing so is recommended in the Highway Code and by many cycling bodies.

You could still have a good cycling accident case even if you were found to be contributory negligent and partly to blame for the accident. All that means is that a percentage of legal fault will be apportioned to both sides and any eventual financial damages award will reflect that percentage split.

more about cycling accident claims

Pay-out awards made in a cycle accident claim will include recompense for your pain and suffering and any restrictions those injuries may place on the activities of life. In addition you will receive payments to cover your financial losses and expenses (past and future) e.g. the cost ongoing treatment for your injuries, loss of earnings, repair or replacement of your bike, the cost of care. It is up to us to prove that a third party was legally at fault and caused your injuries and loss.

Gathering evidence about how the accident happened is essential. The Shoosmiths guide to 'what to do after a cycle accident' describes some of the ways in which you can help us to help you make a successful cycle claim. In addition to the steps suggested, you should always keep any damaged parts of the bike and if possible dig out the receipts for any clothing, equipment and accessories that may also have been damaged in the accident. When there is a conflict in the evidence ‘ the balance of probabilities’ test will apply.

If you were knocked off your bicycle by a motor vehicle you should report the accident to the police as soon as possible. if your accident was caused by an uninsured or un-traced driver you can still pursue a claim through the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) which can award damages to cover both your injuries and repair or replacement of your bike and equipment.

award injured cyclist suffered post traumatic amnesia serious head injury rta

£150,000 award for injured cyclist who suffered post-traumatic amnesia


Case study involving an injured cyclist, serious head injury and RTA

Shoosmiths successfully concluded a claim for substantial compensation on behalf of a cyclist injured by a Range Rover on a country lane. Read more
barrie martin compensation cycle accident claim fractured neck humerus

The right formula for a successful cycle accident claim


Cycle accident whilst riding to work

Our client, Barrie Martin, suffered a road traffic accident when he was riding his bicycle to his then place of work at global pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. Read more here.

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'Shoosmiths got me the rehab I needed and really helped with my family. They were fantastic throughout.'

Nicola Cooper, who suffered a serious brain injury after a seemingly trivial car accident.

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