Personal Injury Guides

Any kind of injury is ‘serious’ to the person who has suffered it, especially when it impacts upon their health, life and family. Shoosmiths team members are highly experienced in handling every type of personal injury claim. No matter what the injury or its immediate cause, we can help, support and advise you and your family throughout your claim and well beyond.

An important element of that support is understanding. Understanding what is involved in the process of making a claim. How long it might take? What medical help might be immediately available? What are the options for the future? Here is where you will find informative and comprehensive guides written by our expert personal injury team that will help in answering the many questions you may have.

An explanation of issues such as what to expect from the legal process and what’s involved in rehabilitation to how to ensure you gather the right kind of evidence after an accident and how to plan your life and structure your finances going forward. Informed commentary and background intelligence by acknowledged experts written in plain English on all the issues that matter most to you after suffering a serous personal injury.