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Car Accident Claims Case Study

by Shoosmiths

rear end shunt car accident compensation claim

Car Accident Claims

Award for injuries caused by rear end shunt

Our client, Miss R, was involved in a rear end shunt collision, an accident usually associated with minor scrapes or possible whiplash injuries at worst.

Our client suffered soft tissue injuries to her cervical and lumbar spine areas and damaged the ligaments in her right foot. This caused her significant pain and disability and although she had steroid injections, her symptoms did not improve.

Shoosmiths obtained an early admission of liability from the other party's insurer and medical advice urging surgery in order to provide more lasting pain relief. Getting that treatment as quickly as possible was clearly vital, since the medical evidence also suggested that her condition was deteriorating and her mobility was diminishing.

After some determined negotiation we got interim awards to pay for the surgery to be done immediately. Even so, Miss R was confined to a wheelchair for six weeks and on crutches for a further six weeks before she could go back to work. She also required a good deal of care and assistance from her family following her operation.

The immediate priority was to to ensure our client's recovery as quickly as possible. An almost incidental by product was the fact that the claim was fully documented relatively early in the process. That meant we could act quickly and robustly in our client’s best financial interests, reaching a satisfactory settlement two months prior to the proposed trial date.