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Car Accident Claims Case Study

by Shoosmiths

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Car Accident Claims

£700,000 award for head on collision with uninsured driver

Shoosmiths represented a client on a no-win-no-fee basis after she suffered multiple fractures and abdominal injuries in a horrific head-on collision with an uninsured driver.

Our client endured 11 operations to fit plates, screws and bone grafts, as well as receiving physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and treatment for her psychological injuries.

A divorced single mum with two teenage girls, her life was turned upside down and she could see no way things could get back to anything like normal.

The fact that the other driver didn't have insurance worried her. We met her while she was still in hospital and reassured her that a pay-out award could be recovered from the Motor Insurers Bureau. We obtained interim payments for the treatment she required immediately and arranged for specialists to look at her ongoing medical, social and practical needs.

Her condition worsened and an amputation was considered. Thankfully, this didn’t need to be done but Shoosmiths worked even harder to get the best possible result without putting her through the stress of going to trial.

We had already got interim payments to pay for all the immediate care and support our client needed while the claim was being processed. Some four years after the accident itself we negotiated a lump sum settlement of £700,000 which will pay for all the treatment and care she needs into old age and gives her family life-long security.