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Back Neck and Spine Injuries Case Study

by Shoosmiths

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Back Neck and Spine Injuries

£57,000 award for determined client injured a road traffic accident.

Shoosmiths won a substantial pay-out for a client involved in a road traffic accident in which she suffered serious back and neck injuries as well as major nerve and muscle damage and extensive scarring to her legs and arms.

The injuries were bad enough, but our client was also psychologically devastated since she intended to pursue a career as a professional actress and dancer. Her accident and the nature of her injuries seemed to have killed off that particular dream.

The accident itself happened as our client was travelling round a bend on a single lane carriageway. An HGV travelling in the opposite direction crossed out of its lane whilst negotiating the bend and collided with our client's vehicle, sending it spinning out of control.

Our client's car was a write off and she felt she was too. We obtained medical evidence from an orthopaedic expert, psychiatrist and plastic surgeon and compiled a schedule of her losses, which included a sum to compensate her for having to possibly abandon embarking on her chosen career.

We managed to get an agreement on settlement of £57,000 prior to a court hearing but our client was determined not to abandon her dream.

The damages awarded helped her to fulfil her ambition, albeit three years later then she had planned, and allowed her to go on to enjoy a successful career in dancing and acting, despite all the obstacles in her path.