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Wrist injury - Gutowski's story

Wrist injury Gutowski story

Compensation for additional and avoidable treatment for wrist injury

In January 2013, Mr Gutowski fell and immediately began to experience considerable pain in his wrist.

Mr Gutowski went straight to A&E where he was examined and x-rays were taken. Mr Gutowski was told he had broken his wrist and it needed to be put into plaster. He was given a local anaesthetic and a doctor set about manipulating his wrist back into shape with such force that the bed Mr Gutowski was lying on began to move. Five days later, Mr Gutowski required an operation under general anaesthetic and had to have a plate inserted to stabilise the fracture.

In the following months Mr Gutowski was sent for hand physiotherapy to regain his strength and mobility in his wrist. He was reassured that his wrist was healing. However, it was not until a while later that the physiotherapist re-checked the x-rays which had been previously undertaken and noted that in addition to Mr Gutowski’s broken wrist there were also damaged ligaments in his wrist which should have been identified much earlier.

Mr Gutowski eventually underwent a second operation two months later to repair his wrist, which involved the removal of three bones.

Andrea Rusbridge of Shoosmiths was approached to represent Mr Gutowski in a clinical negligence claim against the hospital. Expert orthopaedic evidence was sought to explore the extent and the effect of the injuries which should have avoided. The evidence revealed that Mr Gutowski was left with reduced movement, strength and grip in his wrist and was at a high risk of developing arthritis which would probably require further surgery to fuse his wrist joint.

In addition to a sum awarded for pain and suffering, Mr Gutowski’s claim also included lost earnings from time off work for the assistance he would require in the future for his everyday activities as a result of the injury to his wrist.