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Brain injury

I am consultant in the personal injury team at Shoosmiths. I have been a serious personal injury lawyer for over 26 years and I act for individuals who have sustained injuries that have had a significant impact on their quality of life and a lasting impact on their families.
Rose Donoghue, serious injury lawyer

Brain injuries

I specialise in catastrophic brain and serious injuries as a result of road traffic accidents and accidents at work. As a serious personal injury lawyer my role is multifaceted and includes supporting my clients in the early stages of their injury. I ensure that they get the right rehabilitation to maximise their recovery and source the right expert who can recommend the appropriate aids and equipment to improve their quality of life. I can provide the moral and psychological support during their transition to a new life, sometimes with disabilities that they need to come to terms with, so that they can look forward to a new purpose in life and future.

The majority of my work comes from referrals from existing clients or professionals I have worked with in the past. I work hard to build relationships and trust with my clients, their families and rehab teams. I take pride in being available to support my clients through the different milestones of recovery and independence, and then through the litigation process.

I believe that I have a reputation with insurers as a serious, no-nonsense lawyer who will engage in dialogue at an early stage to make sure that they understand my client’s injuries so that the right support and rehabilitation is there to meet their needs.

Due to their brain injuries, many of my clients lack capacity under the Mental Health Act 2005; they are vulnerable individuals who need the protection of the court. I work very closely with our Court of Protection team to make sure that my clients have the right professional support.

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Audio about traumatic brain injury

Click on the image below to listen to an audio recorded by Rose Donoghue and a brain injury client where they talk about brain injury. 

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Client testimonials

'Shoosmiths have helped me out an awful lot. They've helped with my family to get them to understand the situation and to help me with my rehab and they've been absolutely fantastic all through it, really.' - Nicola Cooper, a client who sustained a brain injury following a seemingly minor car accident. 

My experience with Rose Donoghue was a very good and understanding relationship. She knew my frustrations, outbursts, etc. and could talk honestly and truthfully. Overall, I believe we got the best possible outcome.' - Serious brain injury client

'Rose Donoghue is a solicitor in this practice. She is super efficiency and personable. Would not hesitate to recommend her.' - Grandmother of a brain injury client

'Dear Rose
We, as a family, want to thank you for all of your hard work dealing with our son’s claim, over the past, nearly 13 years.
Our lives changed forever on the day of his accident. It has been traumatic, sorrowful and very testing of relationships yet challenging and confidence building as we were all thrown into a world that we could never have envisaged.
Through it all he has been the hero. He has hardly ever complained about all of the various appointments he's had to endure let alone felt sorry for himself for what he's been through medically. We were so lucky that 'Shoosmiths' was given to us to contact regarding making a claim, something we had not even considered. We were told you were 'the best' and you Rose, have truly lived up to that through you and your team's hard work culminating with such a phenomenal final settlement. You have always been a pleasure to deal with conducting our many meetings and calls with warmth, kindness and clarification, using terminology we understood. Most importantly you always included him ensuring he was understanding and involved as much as possible. We could not have tolerated all the legal appointments or correspondence without your support, patience and kindness.'  - Mother and father of a brain injured client

Professional testimonials

'As national head of the firm's personal injury team, Rose Donoghue acts for claimants in a wide variety of catastrophic circumstances. She is described as a "great tactician with a clear association and empathy for the client." Other sources highlight her "tenacity combined with a really good understanding of legal procedure" as a key strength.' - Chambers and Partners

'Rose Donoghue provides concise and clear instructions and takes care in dealing with clients and works hard to ensure the needs and expectations are dealt with properly.' - Legal 500


Rose Donoghue had the following article published in the brain injury magazine called B21:

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