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Brain injury support


A brain injury affects the whole family

A brain injury of any kind can have a significant effect not only on the individual but on the entire family.

Whether the brain injury is a result of an accident or medical negligence, an illness that has caused damage to the brain, a stroke, or has been sustained at birth, family members and others close to a person with a brain injury may struggle to cope.

Huge changes and adjustments to lifestyle may need to be made and family members can often feel excluded, stressed and burdened because the focus is on the injured person and not enough time is spent explaining to the family the impact that a brain injury can have on them and the individual. In the early stages there is too much going on particularly when an individual is in hospital and needs urgent intensive treatment and nursing care. It is only when an individual is discharged from hospital does the full impact of the brain injury hit home and there is a slow realisation that things will never be the same and the family need to adapt to a new way of life. This can lead to friction due to a lack of understanding and a change in role for family members and, in the extreme, even depression due to major changes in a family member’s responsibility and their daily routine.

We are here to work with someone who has sustained a brain injury and maximise recovery by making sure that we can access the right specialist care, equipment, the latest communication technologies and the adapted accommodation that may be needed to allow the individual and their family to enjoy as full a life as possible.

We can connect you to experts in other teams that provide conveyancing services should the worst happen and you need to move home, along with specialists in court of protection who offer a highly personalised service to families caring for vulnerable individuals.

Receiving support from brain injury professionals

It is important that your brain injury lawyer knows what support you need and can source the right professionals to work with you and your family in the early stages of recovery.

It is also important to make sure that the professionals work with the individual and their family as early as possible. They may include brain injury case managers, neuropsychologists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists who specialise in brain injury. They guide and support the individual and their families through the adjustment required to cope with the effects of a brain injury. They can provide information and help with stress management and the development of effective coping strategies. By taking each stressful situation one step at a time, the person with the brain injury, and equally importantly their family and friends, may feel that life is on the way to becoming a little more 'normal' again.

Professionals can also advise on the financial aspects particularly where a family member has become a full time carer or where the person with the brain injury is the main breadwinner.