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Milly Evans' cerebral palsy story

story milly evans cerebral palsy brain injury

Cerebral palsy brain injury

£10.8m award helps Milly Evans secure a fulfilled life

Denise Stephens helped Andy and Kate Evans build a better future for their daughter Milly who suffered cerebral palsy after delays during her birth at Lincoln County Hospital.

Kate was already in established labour when she was admitted to hospital and although Milly's heart was initially monitored, later monitoring was totally inadequate and baby Milly was suffering foetal distress. Had Milly's heart had been properly monitored, the midwife would have spotted the foetal distress sooner. Milly would have been delivered earlier and not suffered the brain injury resulting cerebral palsy.

After a fight that lasted almost 10 years, Denise eventually secured £10.8m compensation for Milly's injuries - one of the largest ever in the UK. That means Milly will now be able to have specially-adapted bespoke accommodation built adjacent to the family home featuring hoists and a hydrotherapy pool.

The award also means that Kate and Andy have the freedom to choose fantastic private therapists who have made such a difference to Milly's life as well getting access to the latest communication technologies which allows Milly to communicate with others and email her friends – in other words do virtually everything you'd expect a bright teenage girl to be doing.