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If I have a brain injury case


If I have a brain injury case

Brain Injuries can be caused in many different ways: an accident at work, a road traffic accident or a slip or fall in a public place. A head injury claim can also result from a criminal assault and brain injuries can also be a consequence of medical or clinical negligence.

Like any personal injury claim, you will have a case if it can be proved that you suffered because of the fault of another party. A subsequent award would take into account not only your immediate pain and suffering, but also any costs for rehabilitation, disability aids or specialist equipment, transport costs, the need to have your home modified, the cost of your past and future care, and any future lost earnings if you were unable to work.

It is very important therefore that your legal team understands the law and the full impact of any brain injury. We have a strong team of solicitors working out of 13 locations throughout the UK. Many have established links with charities such as Headway which supports brain injury victims and their families.

The emotional and financial strain of a brain injury on the entire family can be overwhelming. Getting involved in a legal battle may seem daunting, but we can help you judge the merits of taking such action. We can secure the medical, financial and practical assistance that you will need. More importantly, we’ll give you the information, guidance and support needed to allow you and your family to look forward and get on with your lives.

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