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Stress at Work Case Study

by Shoosmiths


Stress at Work

Six figure settlement for NHS administrator who suffered poor management

Our client was a senior administrator working for a busy NHS department. She had considerable experience and was recognised as a valuable member of staff. She was promoted to head a new project, providing administrative support for a new department.

Unfortunately, due to poor planning on the part of senior management, the project was fraught with problems from the outset. These ranged from the seemingly trivial - not enough seats - to major problems such as inadequate recruitment.

Despite her efforts to persuade her superiors to deal with the problems she'd identified the changes she considered necessary were repeatedly dismissed.

She was put under extreme pressure in the day-to-day running of the new department, which led to her working excessive hours and becoming stressed. She was signed off work and eventually medically retired from the NHS.

The case was difficult because the NHS did not accept liability for causing our client’s illness, denying that she had been put under undue pressure and insisting that her illness had not been caused as a result of any breach of duty on their part.

Shoosmiths produced medical evidence to counter those arguments and commenced court proceedings. Noting that we had a good case and were prepared to take things as far as necessary, her employer finally agreed to pay an award to our client and we negotiated a significant six figure payment.