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Slips Trips & Falls at Work Case Study

by Shoosmiths

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Slips Trips & Falls at Work

Award for a slip at work

Our client was employed as a process operator working on a large pellet mill (a press used to create pellets from powdered material). The floor surface he worked on was often slippery with a slimy residue. He was using a large squeegee to pull out debris from underneath the machinery when his feet started to go from underneath him. He tried to regain his balance, but fell backwards heavily onto the floor.

Our client had previously made complaints to his employer about the wet and slimy floor but no action was ever taken. When he hit the floor, he was completely winded and although x-rays taken at his local A&E department didn’t show any serious injuries, he wasn't able to work for two weeks.

Our client did have some pre-existing problems in his neck and back and we obtained medical evidence which confirmed that the injuries he sustained in his slip and fall at work had worsened the symptoms he already had.

His employer admitted liability and indeed following the accident, they put down mats in the area, a measure our client had suggested many times previously. We therefore not only obtained a financial award that recognised our client’s pain and loss of earnings, but the action by Shoosmiths also helped to ensure that the same thing could not happen to his work colleagues.