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Spinal cord injury claims

Your back is so susceptible to damage because experts say it was never really designed for a permanent two-legged lifestyle. Its an extremely important, complex and sensitive part of the body that can be injured a number of ways in many different situations.


It is all too easy to injure your back in a slip, trip, road traffic accident or accident at work. Severe back injuries can often be devastating and debilitating. Even relatively minor back injuries can be excruciatingly painful such as a fracture spine so getting the right advice and treatment is essential to help you make a speedy recovery.

Any back injury can cause severe pain, restriction of movement and other symptoms such as pins and needles in arms and legs. More severe cases can result in complete paralysis. That’s why back injury claims are often complex and demanding cases.

Shoosmiths knows that making a back injury at work claim must not only support you and your family and get whatever medical treatment and rehabilitation you need, but must also ensure that you do not suffer financially, especially if you cannot return to work.

In hiring you, an employer is obliged to take responsibility for your health and welfare in the workplace. If you sustained a back injury at work, the likely cause could be that health and safety guidelines haven’t been correctly followed by your employer.

Should you suffer a back injury at work through no fault of your own, whether caused by a fall or heavy lifting, it is probable that your employer is to blame and you are entitled to seek redress.

You’ll need to start your claim within three years from the date your back was injured, but don’t delay seeking help. The earlier an expert back injury solicitor can start work on your potential claim for back injury, the easier it is to find the evidence to support it.

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How do I make a back injury claim

If the accident that caused your back injury was someone else’s fault and it was within the last three years, even if you feel you were partly to blame, you could make a back injury claim and get the pay-out award you deserve. Whether you suffered the injury at work or in an accident, if you are in pain and unable to work you are entitled to seek some recompense.

Before doing anything else, you should seek medical attention. Your health is the most important consideration and early medical intervention will also provide evidence that could be useful to your claim.

Only then should you contact our back injury lawyers experienced in this sort of work. They will discuss your case and give you an honest assessment of how successful it could be and what evidence they will need to support your case. This evidence will normally come from an independent medical expert such as an orthopaedic consultant. In more minor cases the report could be prepared by your GP.

With a back injury and the complexities of this area of law, you need back injury solicitors who know what they are doing. We have a wealth of expertise in dealing with back injury claims and have long standing partnerships with leading treatment and rehabilitation providers.

Any award we obtain will not cure your remaining symptoms of course, but it can give you peace of mind and financial security so that you and your family can focus on your recovery.

If I have a case about back injury

There are statutory time limits involved in making any back injury claim, so it is important you speak to us as soon as possible so we can gather medical evidence in support of your claim.

Making a back injury claim can be a daunting prospect because these cases take time to establish both the nature and extent of the back injuries and get whoever was at fault for causing the injury to admit blame.

Many victims are reluctant to take legal action against their employer for fear of jeopardising future employment, if they can return to work. This should not deter you. The law protects employees who take justified legal action against an employer.

You need not worry about the cost of taking action either. At Shoosmiths our No-Win-No-Fee solicitors can manage your case from initial conversation to final settlement with absolutely no financial risk to you.

Winning a successful, substantial claim will depend partly on establishing the extent of your injuries. Prolapsed discs are relatively easy to prove whereas soft tissue injuries can be trickier, often requiring an MRI scan to diagnose. It's not always essential to show that someone else’s negligence was exclusively responsible for your back injury.

If your legal team are convinced you do have a case, their priorities will be to address your ongoing therapy and rehabilitation as well as ensuring that you and your family do not suffer financially as a result of your back injury.

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Seeing your GP early will lend weight to your back injury claim because it means there'll be independent evidence of your injuries. Additional evidence to support your claim may come from an independent medical expert such as an orthopaedic consultant.

All this can help us when we're building up the evidence to support your back injury claim. The more common back injuries include soft tissue injuries where tissues and muscles around the back are damaged causing pain, stiffness and restriction of movement. Wrenching injuries, when the mechanical structure of the back is affected and sometimes pulled out of line, is also common.

Back pain can be equally debilitating when discs are prolapsed (the inner softer part of the disc bulges out –sometimes also called a slipped disc) and push on a nearby nerve or the spaces between the vertebrae are impacted.

There's a range of treatment available for back injuries (including steroid injections or surgery in very severe cases) but the most common approaches are physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment and osteopathy.

The objective of any claim for back injury is to support you and your family by funding those treatments needed to speed your recovery. Shoosmiths can also usually secure early interim payments to pay for rehabilitation or specialist equipment even before the claim proper has begun.

back spine injury workplace warehouse heavy lifting accident claim

Back Injury Case Study


Back Injury Case Study

£62,500 pay-out award for a back injury in the workplace

At the time of her accident, our client, Miss C, had been employed as a warehouse operative for one week. She was told to move, by hand, a crate of broccoli from a stack of crates. There were 11 crates in the stack and the top of the stack was approximately 5ft 4 inches high.

Read Miss C's full back injury claims case study here.


Back Injury Claims Case Study

back injury fall from horse riding lesson claim

Back Injury Case Study


Back Injury Case Study

Award for back injury after fall from horse

Acting on a no-win-no-fee basis, we secured a substantial financial settlement for a client who suffered a back injury in a riding accident.

To read our clients full back injury case study, click the following link.


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