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Award for fatal necrotising fasciitis infection following hysterectomy

Wife dies necrotising fasciitis infection following hysterectomy

Infection and failure to diagnose - Medical Negligence Case Study

At age 63, Mary was admitted to hospital to undergo removal of an ovarian cyst and hysterectomy. Following the operation Mary began to suffer a temperature. A rash also appeared around her abdominal wound which the consultant surgeon noted and left instructions to be contacted if it extended too far.

2 days later the rash had extended further but the consultant was not contacted. Blood tests subsequently revealed that Mary was suffering from an infection.  Later that day Mary became so ill with the infection that she had to be taken to the High Dependency Unit for treatment.

By the evening Mary had gone into septic shock and multiple organ failure. She was diagnosed with necrotising fasciitis. Two days later Mary’s condition was irreversible and life support was withdrawn. Mary sadly passed away leaving her husband Andrew, and two sons.

Andrew instructed Sarah Corser, an expert in clinical negligence claims, to investigate the case on behalf of his late wife, Mary.

During the investigation of the case, an Inquest hearing was held at which it was found that Mary had suffered necrotising fasciitis and there were failings in care regarding the administration of antibiotics.

Medical experts were subsequently instructed and it was established that antibiotics should have been administered sooner and surgical intervention sought which would, on balance, have prevented Mary’s death.  Court Proceedings were commenced following the inquest and Sarah successfully secured a six figure settlement for the family’s loss in April 2015.