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Misdiagnosis Case Study

by Shoosmiths

Misdiagnosis Claims 1

Misdiagnosis Case Study

£92,500 awards for misdiagnosed DVT

Yvette Allan suffered a potentially fatal pulmonary embolism because doctors failed to spot she was suffering with Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Her GP had referred her to Macclesfield District General Hospital because he suspected DVT.

After being assessed and given blood tests and an ultrasound scan she was told it definitely wasn't DVT. The pain in her calf increased and she went back to her GP who asked the hospital for a repeat scan, but they insisted that there was no need for any further appointments.

Yvette's symptoms worsened and on the advice of her family she attended a private hospital. A scan confirmed she had DVT, a pulmonary embolism and an enlarged spleen. She now suffers from post thrombotic syndrome, must constantly wear elasticised stockings, can't do any sort of manual work .

The team at Shoosmiths listened to Yvette's story and reassured her that the NHS Trust had indeed owed her a duty of care, which was breached when they failed to investigate her suspected DVT. The NHS Trust admitted liability in the initial failure to properly assess whether she had DVT and not arranging for a further scan

Despite this, they remained unwilling to reach an agreement so we issued court proceedings. An out of court settlement was finally agreed for £92,500 for her pain and suffering, the costs of attending the private hospital and the future medical care Yvette needed.