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Ear damage during surgery

Ear damage during surgery

Susan, who was aged 46, saw her GP about a persistent earache and poor hearing. She was known to grind her teeth. Her GP prescribed her with a gum shield to help with the teeth grinding, which he thought was the cause of her symptoms, as well as painkillers, and referred her to an ENT specialist.

Susan was referred for an MRI scan which confirmed that there was a problem with her jaw joint which required arthroscopic surgery. During the surgery unfortunately the surgeon punctured the inner and outer ear. He admitted that he lost track of where the arthroscope was placed.

Susan experienced significant pain and bleeding from her ear for 5 days after the operation as well as problems with her balance. She also experienced persistent tinnitus.

Fortunately the problems with Susan’s jaw resolved itself over time, but she was left with persistent tinnitus.

Susan approached specialist clinical negligence solicitor, Sarah Corser, to assist her with investigating a clinical negligence claim.

The hospital initially denied any wrongdoing. Nonetheless, Susan continued with her claim and obtained compensation to cover the cost of hearing aids, a special telephone and door-bell which she could hear properly. She also had counselling for her tinnitus.



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