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Loss of hearing claim

Delay diagnosing meningitis resulted hearing loss

Delay in diagnosing and treating meningitis in 1 year old child resulting in hearing loss

Tamsin, who was aged 1, was admitted to hospital with symptoms indicative of meningitis but subsequently discharged home. There was a delay of 24 hours before she was readmitted to hospital by which point she was seriously ill.

As a result of the delay in receiving treatment, she suffered total hearing loss in her right ear and partial hearing loss in her left ear. Tamsin now needs to wear a hearing aid in her left ear.

Tamsin’s parents sought help from specialist clinical negligence solicitor, Sarah Corser, who assisted them with bringing a claim against the hospital. Compensation was obtained for Tamsin’s hearing loss, the lifetime of aids and equipment she would need, and the impact that this would have on her future employment.