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Representation at inquest


Representation at inquest

Sometimes there may not be an inquest despite the fact that you feel an official investigation is needed. Sometimes after a post-mortem examination (autopsy), the coroner will be able to establish that the death is from natural causes and there may therefore be no need for an inquest.

The immediate family of the deceased is entitled to participate in the inquest and ask questions of the witnesses. However, we appreciate that this is a very difficult and distressing time for the family. 

Having legal representation at an inquest means there is someone who can sit beside you and help guide you through the process, explain what is happening and to raise any questions you have with the witnesses. If you are considering a possible compensation claim, having legal representation at the inquest is extremely valuable.

Although the inquest will not address the issue of who was to blame for the death, your solicitor can at least ask questions and obtain information which could be helpful to your claim.

Having a legal professional alongside you can also help with challenging procedural decisions made by a coroner and can assist if you wish to overturn a conclusion and obtain a fresh inquest hearing because of inadequate inquiry by the coroner.

We can give you clear, uncomplicated options for a solicitor or a barrister to represent you and your family's interests at an inquest, guiding you through the procedure and reassuring you that the right questions are being asked.

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